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English Proficiency Requirements

UIC requires the submission of valid English proficiency test scores for all non-native English speakers. These requirements are set per country/territory; the following dropdown list provides the requirements for each:

Below are the only tests accepted as evidence of English proficiency at UIC along with the Graduate College minimum scores* indicated for each:

Total Score 80 Overall Score 6.5 Overall Score 54 Total Score 550
Listening 17 Listening 6 Listening 47    
Writing 21 Writing 6 Writing 56    
Reading 19 Reading 6 Reading 51    
Speaking 20 Speaking 6 Speaking 53    

*Note that departments may set higher minimums for consideration of admission to certain programs. Please refer to the department’s requirements for additional information.

Applicants with scores below the published minimums are not automatically denied.  If recommended for admission by the program, these cases are referred to the Graduate College for approval.

English Proficiency Test Score Submission

*Note that it can take up to two weeks from the order date for reported scores to be reflected as received within our application system.

English proficiency test scores are considered valid for two years from the test date and must be valid at the time of application.

English Proficiency Test Exemptions

The English proficiency test requirement may be waived under the following circumstances:

Exemptions based upon enrollment will be applied after receipt of academic credentials.

Documentation for exemptions based upon employment will be requested to be uploaded through the application checklist after submission of the application. This should consist of a letter from your employer indicating the length of time you have been employed at the establishment and attesting to your proficiency with the English language.

The English proficiency test requirement will not be waived based upon the medium of instruction at your prior institution. This includes attendance at a branch or campus of a US or UK institution which is physically located in a country from which an English proficiency test is required.

International Bridge Program – Intensive English Option

In certain cases where an applicant presents a strong academic profile but has sub-standard English proficiency test scores, the admitting program can offer the opportunity to enroll in an intensive English program prior to beginning study in the degree program. This is known as the International Bridge Program. Note that this option is offered at the discretion of the program. Programs may choose not to offer Bridge admission.

Applicants must still follow the standard application procedure and submit all requirements, including valid English proficiency test scores. UIC does not offer the option to defer submission of valid English proficiency test scores.

The Tutorium in Intensive English (TIE) coordinates UIC’s intensive English instruction. Students enrolled in the International Bridge Program pay UIC fees and assessments for campus services and TIE tuition.