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Application Fee Waiver

If applicable in your case, please select the appropriate waiver on the Select a Waiver page of the online application. Proof of waiver eligibility will need to be submitted to the Admissions Office before the waiver can be applied to your application(e.g. Illinois Veteran's Grant award letter; a McNair waiver letter from your current institution; a Project 1000 award). Waivers based on University of Illinois enrollment or employment will be verified by Admissions.

You qualify for an application fee waiver if you are

  1. currently an official participant in the UIC FreeApp, Ronald E. McNair Postbaccaulaureate, or Project 1000 program.
  2. transferring directly from a graduate degree program at the University of Illinois Urbana-Champaign or the University of Illinois at Springfield.
  3. an employee of the University of Illinois with at least 50% time appointment
  4. readmission as a graduate student at UIC (you were previously registered at UIC as a graduate student)
  5. recipient of an Illinois Veterans Grant

Please answer the appropriate question in the additional information section of the application indicating the fee waiver reason and choose the pay later option.