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Reference Guide for Letters of Recommendation

Electronic Document and Submission Criteria

If you’re not sure of how to create a PDF file, click this link to learn how you can save a document as a PDF file.

The Reference Process

Graduate applicants are asked to provide the email addresses of references after they submit their application.

Upon indication of a reference’s email address, an email is sent to the reference as shown in the sample image below. Applicants may add additional text to the standard message to suit their needs.

Copy of email with link

The reference submission link provided at the bottom of the email will bring up a document upload page for the submission of letters of recommendation. For certain programs, the email message may contain a link to a PDF form suited for the intended program which the reference will need to download, complete, save, then upload through the reference submission link.

On the reference submission page, references are asked to provide their name, email address, and phone number. Pressing the Browse button will bring up a window where the reference browses for the file on his or her computer, selects it, then presses the Open button.

image of online form

With the reference information provided and the document file indicated, the reference presses the Submit button at the bottom of the page to submit the letter of recommendation for the applicant.

A confirmation is then provided.

Browse window showing file in directory

An email confirmation is also sent as long as the reference has provided a valid email address.

At this point, an applicant is able to view within their application status page that the letter has been received.

Errors and Help

The link provided in the reference request email does expire after some time (typically 60 days). An expired link will bring up an error page which indicates that the link has expired. In these cases, references will need to ask that the applicant re-generates a reference request from their application checklist.

References may access the HELP link at the top right of the reference submission form or error page for additional assistance.