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Admission Requirements

Admission Requirements - Professional

How Do I Apply?

DNP and OTD applicants should refer to Graduate Requirements and the program’s website for the appropriate information.

Applicants to other professional programs at UIC generally require the submission of the following (though programs provide specific instructions on their website):

  1. Centralized Application Service (CAS) application as required by the program.
  2. Institutional Supplemental Application + Application Fee (non-refundable) required to submit the application
  • DPT, DNP, OTD, PharmD = $60
  • DMD = $85
  • IDDP = $150
  1. A record of all coursework completed
  • US coursework submitted through the CAS
  • Foreign credentials uploaded through the application checklist if not included in the CAS record.
    • Certified English translations of all foreign-language credentials.
  • (If course work is in progress, final transcripts with grades recorded and proof of any degrees awarded may be requested by the program after admission.)
  1. Supplementary materials as determined by the program (GRE and other test scores, personal statement, letters of recommendation, writing samples, Millers analogies, etc.), typically submitted through the CAS. Refer to the department’s instructions or requirements within the CAS for specific information.

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Application Fee Waivers

The institutional application fee is waived only in the following cases:

Fees for Professional-level applications are not approved based on statements of financial hardship. Fee waivers offered by a CAS do not carry over to the institutional application fee.

The waiver options will be presented at the end of the application. Applicants who have selected a waiver in error will be required to submit the fee online through the application checklist.

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International Applicants

General country information indicating degree equivalency and expected credentials is provided through the dropdown list below:

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What is an International student?

The university considers any student who currently holds a visa of any type or would need a visa to study at UIC to be International. Even if you do not require a student (F or J) visa to attend UIC, you are viewed as an international applicant. Many policies which apply to those seeking student visas will apply to holders of other types of visas.

Citizenship Types

U.S. Citizen
Born or naturalized
U.S. Permanent Resident
Green card holder. You should submit an Alien Registration Number and a copy of your PR card with the application.
International Student
For the university’s purposes, this is anyone who currently holds a visa of any type or would need a visa to study at UIC.
Adjustment in Status
This category is for applicants who are in the process of becoming a permanent resident. You should submit any documentation that can provide details of your status such as receipts or petitions from USCIS.
Non-citizen (Other)
This should only be used if none of the other categories apply to you. Once again, valid visa holders or those seeking a visa should not use this category.

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Visa Process for International students

A request for visa processing documentation will populate on the institutional application checklist of all International applicants. Though they will not be required until admission, the Office of International Services recommends submission of the documents during the application process so that they possess sufficient documentation to be able to initiate the visa process.

Submission of financial documents does not affect application reviews or admission to the university.

Full details concerning the process and requested documentation can be found on the Office of International Services’ website.

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English Proficiency Requirements

Full details concerning English proficiency requirements at UIC can be found on our English Proficiency Requirements page.

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Glossary of terms related to academic credentials 4



Proof of Degree

Diploma Supplement

Syllabus/Course Descriptions

Attestation/Attested Documents

Official vs. Unofficial

Certified translations

What to do when you can’t obtain the required documentation

If your university refuses to issue the required documents, you will need to request a letter from the Registrar or Controller of Exams explaining their policy. This letter should be submitted to UIC in a sealed envelope bearing the stamp of the same individual who is issuing the statement over the flap.

Students who have completed study at U.S. universities must provide transcripts for work completed. If students cannot obtain transcripts from a U.S. institution, no exception will be made so that the application can be reviewed for a decision.

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Registration Holds

Different types of registration holds and how to clear them

As a new student at UIC, you may have registration holds that will need to be cleared before you are able to enroll in classes.

Students who have been admitted with pending conditions will receive a transcript hold that is created by the Office of Admissions. Usually this occurs because the Office of Admissions and Records has not yet received your final or official academic credentials. You can tell if you have been admitted conditionally by carefully reading your admit letter. The items that are pending will show at the bottom of your admit letter.

Transcript holds do not go into effect until the registration period for your 1st term at UIC is over. This means that you will not be affected by the hold until you try to register for your 2nd term at UIC. The Office of Admissions encourages you to bring in your final/official documents when you first arrive on campus. By doing so, you will be able to resolve this issue before your registration is ever affected. It will also ensure that you have plenty of time to obtain correct versions of any documents that the Office of Admissions has not found acceptable.

Students may also encounter advising holds. These are placed by your academic program to ensure that you meet with an advisor prior to registering for classes. You will need to consult with your academic department for an advisor assignment. They will be able to guide you through the necessary steps for having any advising holds released

The Immunizations Office will also create holds for students who have failed to submit proper proof of immunizations. For more information on this topic go to:

When holds take effect

Transcript holds placed by the Office of Admissions will begin after the 10th day of your 1st semester at UIC. Registration for your 2nd term of study (and every subsequent term) will be blocked until the required credentials have been submitted.

Immunization holds will begin during your 1st term at UIC

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Seeking a Deferral to Future Semester

Students who have been recommended for admission, but cannot attend for valid reasons, may request to defer their admission. An admitted application can only be deferred once. Admission can be deferred for up to 1 academic year. (Applicants for the Fall term may defer to the following Spring, Summer, or Fall terms, but no further.) Students do not need to submit a new application, fee, or set of academic credentials in order for a deferral to be granted.

Only students who have been officially admitted by the department and university are eligible to defer admission. Denied, canceled, or incomplete applications are not deferred.

To request a deferral, please contact your academic program. Your department has the authority to grant your request or to deny it. Departmental awards may not be guaranteed for a new term. If the program approves the deferral, they will forward a request to the Office of Admissions.

If your deferral is approved by the Office of Admissions, you will receive a letter of admission for the new term.

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When All Else Fails ?

Please include your University Identification Number (UIN) on all correspondence with the Office of Admissions so that we can easily access your record. If you provided a different spelling of your name to ETS for GRE or TOEFL reporting, please provide this name to the Office of Admissions.

Whom to contact for help

Please use the form at the following link to contact us for help:

Submitted questions will be reviewed by an admissions counselor. Most basic questions can be answered by thoroughly reading through application instructions provided by the program or our Admissions website.

Admissions counselors are also available via the phone on Mondays, Thursdays, and Fridays between the hours of 8:30am and 5pm (CST). Each counselor works with a different set of academic programs, but any counselor will be able to help you by answering Admissions-related questions or pointing you in the right direction. Contact persons in your department of interest will also be able to answer most questions, especially questions concerning advising, pre-requisites, and program-specific requirements.

Please visit our Frequently Asked Questions for answers to a variety of questions that the Office of Admissions and Records receives on a daily basis.

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