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Professional Tuition and Fees

Summer 2007

To determine tuition and fees

  1. Determine tuition
  2. Add applicable fees
  3. Add applicable assessment

The amounts in all the following tables are per semester.

1. Professional Tuition
  Range I
(6 hours and over)
Range II
(3 to 5 hours)
Range III
(1 to 2 hours)
Range IV
(0 hours)
In state Out of state In state Out of state In state Out of state In/Out of state
Dentistry $6,804 $15,637 $4,536 $10,425 $2,268 $5,212 $1,134
D.D.S. International Dentist Program $15,272 $15,272 $10,181 $10,181 $5,091 $5,091 $2,545
Medicine $8,236 $17,587 $5,491 $11,725 $2,745 $5,862 $1,373
Pharmacy PharmD $3,427 $5,280 $2,285 $3,520 $1,142 $1,760 $571
Doctor of Physical Therapy $2,953 $5,108 $1,969 $3,405 $984 $1,703 $492

2. Fees
  Range I Range II Range III Range IV
General Fee $263 $263 $263 $263
Service Fee $203 $203 $130 $130
Health Service Fee $69 $69 $69 $69
Student Health Insurance Fee (see note 4 below). $249 $249 $249 $249
CTA U Pass Transportation Fee. $52 Not assessed for less than full time
Subtotal fees (entered Fall 2003 through Spring 2006) $836 $784 $711 $711

3. Assessment
  Range I Range II Range III Range IV
Academic Facilities Maintenance Fund Assessment (see note 6 below). Assessed to Graduate/Professional (entering prior to Summer 2004 or Summer 2006 & after) $130 $87 $43 $22


  1. Tuition and fees are subject to change without notice any time prior to the first day of instruction
  2. Students admitted to online programs will be assessed $560 per credit hour "eTuition." eTuition is assessed to students admitted into formally recognized online programs (with program codes ending in "U"). The program of admission will control tuition and fee assessment.
  3. In fall and spring semesters, an additional $3.00 will be assessed for the Student-To-Student Assistance Program (refundable). Not assessed in summer.
  4. With proof of insurance, the Student Health Insurance Fee can be waived. See Campus Care website at Deadline is 6/13/07 to waive coverage.
  5. A $52 Transportation Fee for the CTA U Pass will be assessed to non-degree and degree seeking students registered full time (for 5 or more hours) within the Graduate College, full time (6 or more hours) undergraduates, full time (6 or more hours) in the Colleges of Pharmacy, the School of Public Health, the Doctor of Physical Therapy, Dentistry, and the Chicago College of Medicine.
  6. The Academic Facilities Maintenance Fund Assessment (AFMFA) is assessed to all graduate/professional students who have enrolled in Summer 2006 and after or who have been enrolled more than four years to address the deferred maintenance backlog in academic facilities. AFMFA is $130 in summer for full-time students enrolled for at least 6 credit hours. For less than full-time enrollment, the AFMFA will be based on enrolled credit hours pro-rated according to range calculations.


  1. Students who officially withdraw from the University before the first day of classes will receive a full refund of tuition and fees. After classes begin, students who officially withdraw from the University (by dropping all classes) on or before the tenth week will receive a pro-rata refund based upon the official date of withdrawal. Assessed tuition, the service and general fees are refunded on a pro-rata basis less $100 in a Pro-Rata Administrative Fee.
  2. The Health Service and Health Insurance Fees are nonrefundable.
  3. Pro-rata refund schedule
Pro-rata Refund Schedule
Withdrawal Initiated Summer 2007 Refundable Fees Refunded
Prior to first day of term Prior to May 29 100%
Week1 May 29 - June 1 80%
Week2 June 4 - June 8 70%
Week3 June 11 - June 15 60%
Week4 June 18 - June 22 50%
Week5 June 25 - June 29 30%
Week6 and thereafter No refund after June 29 0%