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Undergraduate Document Upload Guide

If you are a reference who has been asked to submit a letter of recommendation, please see our Reference Guide for Letters of Recommendation for the relevant information.

Beginning with the Fall 2014 term, supplemental application materials may be uploaded for certain undergraduate applications. Within 3 - 5 business days after submitting your online application, you will receive an email acknowledging the receipt of your application, as well as directions for checking your application status online. You will see links when checking your status that will allow you to submit documents and request recommendation letters online.

Applicants to the following undergraduate programs will have this capability when checking application status. Please see the Departmental Requirements section below for links to specific program requirements:

Please note that official transcripts and test scores are still required for all undergraduate applications. Those items will not be accepted via document upload.

Continue below for the relevant instructions and guidelines.

Electronic Document Criteria

Please prepare an electronic copy of the required application materials so that they are available when requested.

If you do not have personal access to a scanner, many office service centers and public libraries may provide you access to one.

Using the Application Summary

After receiving the acknowledgement email and logging back into the application system, you will see requirements populated in your checklist. You will need to access the linked items and upload the document requested. An example checklist is included below.

Example checklist with Requirements and Additional Program Requirements

Monitoring the Status of Your Application

The Application Status and Decision will update as your application moves through the application process.

Institutional Requirements

Institutional requirements such as academic credentials will be populated in your checklist after the Office of Admissions has surveyed the information you provided in your application. Our office will determine the appropriate documents that you will need to upload, since all applicant profiles are not the same. You may continue to monitor your status to see when these are added. Guidelines for the submission of Institutional Requirements follow:

Academic Credentials

Additional Institutional Requirements

Departmental Requirements

Please be sure to visit the departmental websites below for your intended program of study. Note that departments may have specific forms that they would like you to complete and upload.

You may see "optional" document links populated on your checklist. Please note that it is not mandatory for you to provide documentation for these. They are there to provide an opportunity for you to submit additional materials that may not be required. Additionally, some “optional” links may refer to specific types of documentation. For instance, if a department requires the submission of two Research Documents for the application, they may additionally provide an additional link to an “Optional Research Document” item for use if an applicant would like to upload a third.

Letters of Recommendation

Reference requests are sent from the email address You may ask your references to whitelist this address to ensure that they receive the message. If a reference indicates that he or she has not received the reference request, the message may have been marked as SPAM by their email service.

If you need to re-send a reference request to an existing reference, it is important that you use the same Requirement link when doing so. If a reference cannot or does not submit a letter of recommendation, you may access the Requirement link and indicate a new reference, as long as the Received date is not populated.

Please note that the links sent to references do expire after some time. You may be asked by your reference to re-send a reference request if they try to access the provided link after it has expired.

Official Credentials

Transfer applicants to the College of Nursing and the College of Applied Health Sciences will be required to submit official academic credentials from every college or university they have attended in order to guarantee a full review. Unofficial credentials submitted through the upload process will not complete an application nor be used during the review process.