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Students Talk about UIC - Video

Sports fan and booster

Ana LauraTransfer student who got involved

Ana Laura: "There's someone for you here; so you'll meet a lot of people.  You'll have fun." See video...

JoshLoves dorm life, advises students to stay focused

Josh: "College classes and high school classes are completely different.  They are two worlds apart." See video...

PalaviInternational student impressed by welcome

Palavi: "It sounds melodramatic when I say it but I'm indebted to UIC for the experience I've had here." See video...

John PaulSports fan and booster

John Paul: "We might not win all of them but for the most part, we do have strong sports like soccer and baseball and softball." See video...

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Transcript : John Paul (4th yr., Entrepreneurship)

My father grew up around  the neighborhood, in Little Italy.  So my idea was maybe, you know, getting back to my roots, so to speak.

I wanted to be in the city, first of all, because I didn't want to be bored in the cornfields.  I wanted to be close to the city, have stuff to do.  Also, since I'm a business major, I wanted to be close to the business district.  Also a diverse place -- I wanted to get to know people.

[Question: Getting Involved?]

I've been getting involved with a lot of organizations on campus: Orientation; also I started my own organization, an Italian-American organization;  And also getting involved with athletics and going to basketball games and soccer games.

We might not win all of them but for the most part, we do have strong sports like Soccer and baseball and softball.  Those are our core sports that we do very well in.  It's always nice to have school support and fan support.

I was also a Resident Assistant so I lived on Campus for three years.  Again I started my own Italian-American Organization.  I was involved with the Marketing Association of the school.  Also with the student booster group 'the Fury'.  They focus a lot on school spirit and fan -- supported athletic events.

[Question: 'Fury' Does What?]

Basically go to games and cheer a lot and try to get other people to go.  Have pizza parties after the games; go on road-trips.

[Question: Favorite Classes?]

I think with a number of professors that I've have, they know how to connect with students.  Even though you might have a class of 200 students, they know how to focus in on you and make it a personal experience.  So that really helps.

[Question: Words of Advice?]

My advice would be not to be scared of the city.  Because we are safe here at UIC and also to get involved as much as you can, meet as many people as you can, and you'll just make the transition, especially from high school,  much easier.

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