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Students Talk about UIC - Video

Loves dorm life, advises students to stay focused

Ana LauraTransfer student who got involved

Ana Laura: "There's someone for you here; so you'll meet a lot of people.  You'll have fun." See video...

JoshLoves dorm life, advises students to stay focused

Josh: "College classes and high school classes are completely different.  They are two worlds apart." See video...

PalaviInternational student impressed by welcome

Palavi: "It sounds melodramatic when I say it but I'm indebted to UIC for the experience I've had here." See video...

John PaulSports fan and booster

John Paul: "We might not win all of them but for the most part, we do have strong sports like soccer and baseball and softball." See video...

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Transcript: Josh (2nd yr., Marketing)

Being in Chicago really opens up the educational opportunities I've had.

Since I'm a business major, I'm starting to do internships and just the amount of internship possibilities, it's mind-boggling.

In Chicago, if you just look out the window, when I look out the window of my dorm, I just see buildings, headquarters, of so many large firms.

[Question: Classes Going Well?]

I just finished my Calculus exam and that seemed pretty good.  I feel like the leadership and teaching I've had -- it totally prepared me for the exam.  I think I did pretty well.

[Question: Dorm Life?]

I live in James Stukel Towers, the brand new dorm which is pretty good.  I signed up and I will never leave that building.

[Question: Never?]

After the two years, I mean.  Not before the two years.

[Question: Words of Advice?]

Stay focused, that's the biggest one.  You know there's a lot of distractions in Chicago -- UIC, there's a lot of cool people here, but stay focused because college classes and high school classes are completely different.  When they tell you that, you kind of don't really think about it but they really are.  They are two worlds apart.

So definitely stay focused and make sure you're allocating the time and resources you need to your education first.

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