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Students Talk about UIC - Video

International student impressed by welcome

Ana LauraTransfer student who got involved

Ana Laura: "There's someone for you here; so you'll meet a lot of people.  You'll have fun." See video...

JoshLoves dorm life, advises students to stay focused

Josh: "College classes and high school classes are completely different.  They are two worlds apart." See video...

PalaviInternational student impressed by welcome

Palavi: "It sounds melodramatic when I say it but I'm indebted to UIC for the experience I've had here." See video...

John PaulSports fan and booster

John Paul: "We might not win all of them but for the most part, we do have strong sports like soccer and baseball and softball." See video...

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Transcript: Palavi (4th yr., Economics)

To begin with, I wanted to live in the city of Chicago.  I really didn't want to go to the suburbs.  I have come from India and even then, I grew up in a big city, relatively big city.  So I like living in the city.  So that was one of my main criteria for eliminating the other universities.

Secondly, it was really affordable.  Being a resident here so the tuition worked out really well.

Then the diversity.  I'm an international student so it was very important for me to have the change to be easier.  There were a lot of Indian students -- not only Indian students but I met a lot of people from different ethnic backgrounds.  So that kind of made the change easier for me.

Lastly, but not the least of course, I actually spoke to a lot of professors and they were the ones who told me, that UIC is really known not only in the industry but in the graduate schools; so it's academically well ranked and it's known.

So, it all fit in and I'm here.

[Question: Experience?]

It's been wonderful.  And it sounds melodramatic when I say that but I'm indebted to UIC for the experience I've had here.

When I came here I was socially uprooted.  In fact, I didn't even to study in the U.S.A. because I had all my friends there.  I was already in a college.  I was in a fashion school.  But because I have got so much from the University -- not only in terms of the set-up that it has, but the professors, all of them are really really accessible.  If you have any questions -- I just had to tell them I have a problem.  They would send me emails and let me know what time I could go and meet them.

My advisors -- I was in no way made to feel because I am from a different country, I'll have to make more effort.  In fact, it was always encouraged.  I was always told that diversity is a big thing about UIC, so it's good and all of that.  I have learned a lot after coming here.

It's been great.  And I have all the resources that I could possibly think of.

[Question: Other Important Aspects?]

Honors College to begin with.  I couldn't be a part of the Honors College initially because my transfer GPA wasn't meeting the requirements.  But after two semesters now I'll be a part of the Honors College.  That is giving me an opportunity to be a research assistant at my undergrad level which is going to be wonders for my graduate studies or applications for that.

Secondly, the Career Services at the College of Business.  I think it's incredible.  It's compulsory for you to meet your career advisors.  They help you.  I have changed my career track like three times already in the past six months and the advisors are still patient which is good. 

So they help you out.  They go over your resume.  My resume was like half a page when I started.  And now I'm having issues with fitting in to one page.  So the Career Services -- I'm in the College of Business. That's what I know about.  They're great.

[Question: Favorite Classes?]

I like my English classes.  I had a very very cool professor.  He was very nice.

And the theme was pretty tough for me.  The theme of my Second English -- like English 161 -- the 'research' -- was 'American Popular Music'.  Anyway, I'm music-illiterate and American Popular Music -- I know nothing of.  I thought I would fail the class but I passed with an 'A'.

The professor was really helpful, very nice, very accommodating.  So my English classes were interesting.

I took a philosophy class just in the four-week session.  And again, I surprised myself.  Philosophy was something -- I wasn't really, you know -- it wasn't my forte.
But again, a good professor and then good discussions -- I've learned so much.

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