UIC Undergraduate Transfer Applicant
Payment page

Applicant Name:     _______________________________________________________________

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City, State:   ____________________________________   Nation:   ________________________

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Application Term:                _____Fall _____Spring _____ Summer 20_____

Date of Birth:    _________________     Social Security Number (optional):   _________________________

Thank you for applying to the University of Illinois at Chicago (UIC) In order to complete your file, have your transcripts sent directly from your high school and all colleges attended (even if no credit was earned). Also have your ACT or SAT test scores sent directly from the testing agency if you have earned fewer than 36 hours of transferable college credit at this time. If you are paying your$50application fee by check or money order, please print this document, include your check and send both to:

University of Illinois at Chicago
Office of Admissions and Records
Box 5220
Chicago, Il 60680-5220