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Academic Support Programs

UIC offers extensive academic and student support services, through which students meet mentors, receive help with classes and connect with friends.

Academic Center for Excellence (ACE) – provides academic counseling; courses in reading, writing, vocabulary, and study skills; computer-assisted instruction; and study strategies workshops to all students.

African American Academic Network (AAAN) – provides counseling, workshops, peer mentoring, student leadership development, computer-assisted instruction and tutoring to address the academic, social,
and motivational needs of students. AAAN also offers college transition programs for first year and transfer students.

African American Cultural Center - contributes to the academic mission of the university by promoting the expression and analysis of all African-American creative and cultural traditions, the trends developing in these traditions, the African ancestral roots of these traditions, the influence of other cultures on African-American cultures, and the influence of African-American traditions and trends throughout the Diaspora and on other cultures.

Asian American Resource and Cultural Center - Provides education and resources for and about Asian Americans; increases awareness of diverse Asian American issues, cultures, and communities; strengthens the Asian American campus community, support the growth of Asian American Studies; guides Asian American students in reaching their academic, personal, and professional potential.

Center for Gender and Sexuality - provides or facilitates LGBTQA education, outreach, research, and support aiming to eliminate fear and prejudice for everyone at UIC

Counseling Help and Assistance Necessary for a College Education (CHANCE) – The Office of School Relations and the CHANCE Learning Center (CLC) in collaboration with both on and off campus partners provides access for its students to the following: Academic Skills Builders courses, tutoring services (face-to-face and web-based), peer-to-peer mentors, specialized seminars and workshops. We also offer access to professionals who provide programs tailored to improve and enhance students? academic and professional profiles, technology training and assistance, and cultural enrichment opportunities.

Disability Resource Center - facilitates access for students through consultation with faculty and campus departments, and the provision of reasonable accommodations.

Latin American Recruitment and Educational Services (LARES) – recruitment and retention program for
students that provides academic, career, and financial aid counseling as well as study skills courses,
tutoring, and other services.

Mathematical Sciences Learning Center - offers the place to talk math at UIC, open five days a week and offering a comfortable setting and both TA and peer tutoring.

Native American Support Program (NASP) – provides recruitment, retention, and financial aid
advisement to students who are members of, or descendents of, a federally-recognized Native
American tribe. Promotes student scholarship and leadership opportunities. Sponsors the Native
American Students Organization (NASO) monthly meetings and annual UIC Native American Heritage

Office of International Services - provides immigration rules and regulations counseling and advising to international students, faculty, staff and scholars; facilitates the transition of international students, faculty, staff and scholars to life at UIC and the U.S. by providing continuous services aimed at assisting in the assimilation process.

Woman in Science & Engineering (WISE) - Mentoring program for young women in science and engineering.

Rafael Cintron-Ortiz Latino Cultural Center - strives for the creation of a positive atmosphere through the development of educational, cultural, and social programs, which will lead to a greater retention, and advancement of Latino students.

Science Learning Center - meeting place for students in Biological Sciences, Chemistry, Earth and Environmental Sciences, and Physics. At the SLC, students can meet with graduate teaching assistants for tutoring in 100-level courses, arrange informal group study sessions with other students, or meet up with friends to attend one of the workshops, seminars, or other activities sponsored by the SLC during the semester.

Transfer Student Assistance – provides a place for new transfer students to come for information and assistance in making a successful transition to UIC.

TRIO: Educational Opportunity Outreach Programs – provides academic support, services, and

Urban Health Program - recruits, retains, and graduates underrepresented racial/ethnic minority students, specifically African Americans, Latinos, and Native Americans, in the health professions, and expands educational opportunities for these populations at the pre-college (K-12), undergraduate, graduate, and professional levels.

Writing Center - helps students become more successful as academic writers.

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