Academic Credentials Submission

Applicants are able to submit their academic credentials for their application all at once after their application is ready to accept uploaded application materials.

You will need to combine all relevant academic credentials in a single PDF, less than 5MB in size. Refer to our Document Upload Guide for additional information on uploading documents and PDF re-sizing resources. 

  • For US coursework, this should consist of a scanned copy of your transcripts.
  • For coursework completed at foreign institutions, this should consist of a scanned copy of your transcripts, as well as degree award certificates/diplomas if you have completed the program.
    • Applicants from India and Pakistan should include semesterly or yearly marksheets in place of transcripts - preferably those issued by the university.
  • Refer to the requirements pages for information on acceptable credentials.
    • Web academic histories obtained from student portals are not considered to be acceptable transcripts.

If additional credentials are needed after the Combined Credentials checklist item is reviewed by our office, they will be requested in the checklist.​

Contact Us if you need an additional upload slot or plan to upload a secured US electronic transcript that cannot be combined with other credentials and have more than one transcript to submit.