Electronic Document Criteria

The information on this page pertains only to applications for Spring 2018 and Summer 2018. This page is not relevant for Fall 2018+ applicants.

  • PDF format is required. The file size limit is 5MB.
    • ​To limit file size, scan in the lowest resolution that results in a legible document.
    • Portfolio PDFs and secured PDFs which require a password to open are not compatible with our system.
  • Documents comprised of multiple pages should be combined into a single PDF file
    • You will not be able to upload individual pages one at a time.
  • Do not upload Portfolio format PDFsPDFs that have an expiration date, or PDFs that require a password to view the document.
    • ​In these cases, you will need to print and rescan the transcript into a standard PDF format in order to submit a document that can be accessed.

Once uploaded, documents cannot be viewed or edited by applicants. Ensure that you are submitting the correct document for the specified checklist item.

If you do not have personal access to a scanner, many office service centers and public libraries may provide you access to one.

External PDF Resources:

If you are a reference who has been asked to submit a letter of recommendation, please see our Reference Guide for Letters of Recommendation for the relevant information.

Application Checklist Overview

The Application Summary provides applicants with relevant information about their application record. Links to college and department websites are included for reference. The checklist at the bottom of the summary notes requested application materials, separated into two sections:

  • The top Requirements section indicates the institutional requirements, which are requested and tracked by the Office of Admissions.
  • The Additional Program Requirements section may include the following:
    • Departmental requirements specific to your intended program
    • Optional items for voluntary submission of additional materials
    • OIS financial document requests (International applicants only)

Sample Graduate application checklist

Monitoring the Status of Your Application

  • Received date indicates that the item has been received.
  • Item Statuses will be noted as Received items are reviewed by Admissions or department staff.
    • Item Statuses are not placed on items such as fees and official test scores.
  • Requests for additional items may be added if submitted documents are insufficient or illegible.

Institutional Requirements

Degree-seeking applicants:

  • Academic Credentials – An Academic Credentials checklist item will be available for most programs once an application record is ready to accept application material upload. Refer to the Admissions requirements pages  for guidelines on acceptable uploaded credentials. Note that we do not accept web academic histories or degree audit reports obtained through student portals for application review purposes.
  • Application Fee Waiver Documentation, such as a copy of an Illinois Veteran’s Grant letter, may be requested from those who select an applicable waiver. The request will be added by Admissions staff after a brief audit of the application.
  • English Proficiency – Refer to the English proficiency section of our International requirements page for appropriate submission of English proficiency scores or waiver documentation.

Graduate non-degree applicants are asked to upload only a proof of degree, which may be a copy of a transcript on which the award of a degree is indicated or a copy of the degree certificate/diploma. 

*The University of Illinois at Chicago reserves the right to request official credentials at any time during the admissions process if deemed necessary, and rescind any offer of admission made if discrepancies between unofficial and official credentials are found.

UIC Coursework

Applicants will not need to submit documentation for UIC coursework. UIC transcripts will be added to application records by the Office of Admissions for departmental use. Previously enrolled UIC Graduate degree-seeking students seeking readmission to the Graduate College will not need to re-submit credentials from their prior institutions.

Additional Program Requirements

Departmental Requirements

It is important that you visit the department’s website for your intended program of study. Departments may have specific forms that they would like you to complete and upload, or a specific process for the submission of supplemental materials. If you have questions regarding supplemental requirements, please contact the program directly.

These are a few examples of the types of requirements that departments may require:

  • Writing Sample
  • Statement of Purpose
  • Supplemental Application
  • Résumé/Curriculum Vitae
  • GRE Test Scores
    • If required, GRE scores must be reported officially through ETS using our Institutional Code 1851. Some programs have also enabled an upload link for an unofficial GRE Scores Report.
  • Application for Graduate Appointment (pdf) This linked PDF form is issued by the Graduate College. Some programs may require use of their own form. Please refer to the program's instructions.

Letters of Recommendation

The application checklist will populate with the number of letters of recommendation required for your specific intended program of study. Not all graduate programs require letters of recommendation. Many require three, some may require only two, and others may not require any.

Applicants must access each of the Letter of Recommendation checklist items to indicate the email address of their reference. The reference will then receive an email requesting the submission of a letter. The checklist will update when the request has been sent and when the reference has submitted the letter.

Sample Additional Graduate Application Checklist

Reference requests are sent from the email address noreply@uillinois.edu. You may ask your references to whitelist this address to ensure that they receive the message. If a reference indicates that he or she has not received the reference request, the message may have been marked as SPAM by their email service.

If you need to re-send a reference request to an existing reference, it is important that you use the same Recommendation Letter link when doing so. If a referee cannot or does not submit a letter of recommendation, you may access the Requirement link and indicate a new reference, as long as the Received date is not populated.

If your reference uses the Thunderbird client to receive emails, they may receive the reference request with a 12/31/1969 email date due to a bug. This could result in the email being sorted to the bottom of their email inbox.

Optional Items

Applications may populate with one or more optional upload items which allow for the voluntary submission of additional documents not explicitly required by the program. These items do not count toward the complete or incomplete status of an application. Note that some programs may have chosen to not make optional upload items available.

OIS Financial Documents

Please refer to the Office of International Services website concerning submission of financial documents for visa processing (International applicants only). Note that submission of OIS documentation does not affect application review or admission and is not required until after an admission offer is extended.