Due to the COVID-19 pandemic UIC continues to accept undergraduate first-year and transfer applications for the Fall 2020 semester.

Degrees Available

Bachelor of Arts

Program Highlights

Anthropology is the study of human biological and cultural diversity over time and space. Anthropology generally includes three broad fields: cultural anthropology, biological anthropology and archaeology. Each of the fields teaches distinctive skills, including employing research methodologies, formulating and testing hypotheses, and developing extensive sets of data.

Anthropology majors at UIC enjoy a small-school experience in a large, urban, research university. With only a few exceptions, our undergraduate courses are taught by UIC faculty. Large introductory courses generally include a smaller weekly discussion component led by teaching assistants. Advanced courses for majors can be as small as 10 – 12 students. The faculty is composed of leading researchers and award winning teachers.

Qualifying applicants

Some programs are open to certain applicants. Prospective students in the following groups can apply for admission to this program:

  • First-year 
  • Transfer 
  • International
  • Readmission
  • Second bachelor's degree*

*A second bachelor’s degree will not be approved if the first degree and the proposed second degree involve study of a similar area or substantial duplication of course work, see the UIC Academic Catalog for more information.

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