Tips for transfer students




Transfer Requirements

How strict are the transfer requirements for admission?

It depends on the program and the applicant pool for that term. For a competitive application, you should review and follow the recommendations listed on our transfer guides

While in some cases, it may be possible to be admitted without all the listed recommendations, the information included on the transfer guides helps you prepare the most competitive application for admission.

If I don’t meet the GPA minimum for a program, should I still apply?

In most cases, no. You should work to improve your cumulative GPA before applying. To be considered, you must meet your program’s minimum GPA threshold. In fact, the listed middle 50% GPA in the transfer guide is the competitive range for most admitted students. 

If I don’t have all the course requirements, should I still apply?

You should attempt to meet the course requirements and recommendations, however unless it is specifically stated on the guide there may be some flexibility. In most cases, the more recommended classes you have, the more likely you are to be admitted.

If I’m missing minimum hour requirements?

We recommend completing the recommendations, but the transfer guides include a note about hour requirement flexibility.

Does meeting the minimum requirements guarantee admission?

No, but it guarantees a review of your application. Transfer admission is competitive and there are limited seats available each semester. Your application is reviewed based on the criteria included, and against other applicants in that given application cycle. The most competitive applications will be selected for admission. 

I applied to UIC and was previously denied, can I apply again?

Yes, you can apply for other terms if you have been denied in the past. It is typically helpful to provide new information in order to help your chances of being accepted. For example, this could include a transcript with new grades.

Transcript Requirements

Do you require all transcripts?

Yes, transfer applicants are required to submit college transcripts from all institutions that they have attended.

​What if I can’t obtain transcripts or don’t want to transfer credits from a particular school?

Any previous institutions that were not reported on the application will be added to your checklist of requirements via the National Student Clearinghouse. Exceptions to this policy are very rare and only granted in the case where a school has closed and an official transcript is unavailable. If a previous institution you have attended has a transcript hold on your account it is best to work with them to clear the hold before applying.

Am I required to take the SAT or ACT?

In some cases, applicants may need to provide both a high school transcript and SAT or ACT scores if they have accumulated less than 24 transferable credits.

Fee Waiver

How can I request an application fee waiver?

If you qualify for a fee waiver, select the appropriate waiver type on your application. Once the fee waiver has been requested, you will be able to go on to complete your application. You can monitor the status of your application online to see if further documentation is required. 

Transfering Credits

How many of my credits will transfer?

Your transcripts will be audited once you’ve been admitted. You’ll receive a report (U.ACHIEVE) that will let you know how many credits will transfer. You’ll be able to meet with your academic advisor during Orientation to go over your report and select courses.

Alternatively, you can use Transferology to give you an unofficial idea of how your classes may transfer over to UIC.

What program will take me the least amount of time to complete?

The online resource Transferology can help you run your existing courses against several programs to see how far along you would be at UIC. It gives you an idea of which course requirements you’ve already completed and which you’ll still need to take. We also have a short video that walks you through how to use Transferology.

How many of my credit hours will transfer to UIC?

UIC accepts all transferable credit and there is not a limit in the amount of hours that are accepted, however, it’s important to keep in mind that you must complete a minimum number of hours from UIC to earn a UIC degree, which varies depending on what type of school you are transferring from. A bachelor’s degree is typically 120 or more credit hours. 

  • If your coursework is from a 2-year, associate-granting institution (community college), you must complete the final 60 credit hours at UIC to graduate from UIC. 

  • If your coursework is from a 4-year, bachelor’s-granting institution, you must complete the final 30 credit hours at UIC to graduate from UIC. 

In all cases, this enrollment requirement is a minimum, all other graduation requirements must also be met. 

What if I want to pursue a minor? How will my credits apply to that?

You’ll have to complete at least one-half of the course requirements for the minor you’re interested in at UIC.


Does UIC have scholarships for transfer students?

Yes, you will automatically be considered for departmental scholarships when submitting your application.

Are there any merit based scholarships I can apply for?

Transfer students are eligible to apply for the Phi Theta Kappa, and Transfer Merit Tuition Award. Visit the Honors College website to learn more.


Does UIC accept international credits?

Yes, we do.

Are there any unique requirements for international students?

International students may be required to submit English proficiency test scores (TOEFL, IELTS, and PTE are accepted). See the international requirements for details. 

Are international students able to submit fee waivers?

At this time, fee waivers are not accepted for international applicants.


Does UIC offer night, weekend, or online classes? Full programs?

Most undergraduate programs are offered primarily in person and during daytime work hours (8 a.m. - 5 p.m.). While individual classes may be offered in online or blended formats, or in the evenings or weekends, the majority of programs cannot be completed entirely online or during non-peak hours. Programs designed to be online are the exception to this.

What is the difference between second bachelor’s, double major, and double degree?

  • Double Major - One bachelor's degree with two majors from the same academic college

  • Double Degree - Two bachelor’s degrees that are completed at the same time. This can be within the same college or across two separate colleges.

  • Second Bachelors - This is for students who have already completed their first bachelor’s degree and are interested in applying for a second. Admission for a second bachelor’s is restricted based on the program.

Does UIC have an honors program?

Yes, you can apply to the Honors College in your UIC application or by reaching out to the Honors College if you’ve already submitted an application.

Can I receive a refund of my application fee?

We are unable to provide refunds.

I believe my circumstances are unique, how can I share this with the admissions team?

UIC offers a holistic review process that considers grade trends, and the content of your courses. You can share additional information about yourself during the essay portion of the application, or via letters of recommendation. The application itself is the place to make your case for admission.

I have not been enrolled in school for many years, how should I approach the requirements?

The first step would be to take a look at the available majors and decide what degree you’d like to pursue. Visit the transfer requirements website to learn more about requirements and deadlines. It’s important that you reach out to all previous colleges you have attended and ask for official transcripts to be sent to UIC.

Most importantly, reach out if you have any questions. We’re here to help.

Can I appeal the decision on my application?

The appeal process is reserved for applicants that have compelling new information that wasn’t included in the original application. If you have new information, such as new grades, that you believe should be considered you can submit a petition.