Test Optional

More information about the first-year review process can be found on our first-year requirements page. Review frequently asked questions about the test-optional policy below. 


Frequently Asked Questions — First-Year Admission

How should I decide whether to send scores?

If you have taken the SAT or ACT, and you feel that your test scores adequately reflect your abilities, we encourage you to send them to us and to not select a test-optional review.

If you have not taken the exams, or if you are concerned that your scores do not reflect your academic preparation for college, you have the option to select a test-optional review. We do not encourage anyone to test for the purpose of admission at UIC, there is no advantage in the admission process to submitting test scores. 

How do I send my test scores?

We do not accept the self-reported scores on the Common Application, however we will accept a score if listed on a high school transcript, an unofficial score report, or directly from the College Board or ACT. Copies should include identifying information - name, test date, etc. They should also be for one test - we do not accept "superscores." To locate an unofficial report from SAT, you can visit their website for assistance. If your application is incomplete awaiting a test score, you can upload a copy to your portal, email it to undergradmail@uic.edu, or submit a petition in the portal to change your testing plan.

How is the review process different if I do not submit my test scores?

The test-optional review is not fundamentally different than the test-inclusive review. It is important to understand that selecting the test optional review will not put you at a disadvantage for our review process. Applications will be reviewed holistically with or without test scores. You can review application decision criteria on our first-year requirements page.

How do I tell UIC that I am interested in being reviewed without test scores?

When completing the UIC-specific questions on the Common Application, you will be asked for your “Preferred Testing Plan” where you can select if you would like to include your scores with your application. Selecting yes or no will determine whether or not test scores will be used in your application review. 

Please note, if you select a test optional review, UIC Admissions will not consider your ACT or SAT test scores, even if you send, or have previously sent ACT or SAT scores.

If you do not select test-optional, the scores will be considered and required.

Can I change my mind after making a selection for test-optional?

Yes, you can. However, applying test-optional does not place any applicant at a disadvantage in the review process and we do not encourage students to test for the purpose of admission at UIC. However, if your plans change and you wish to alter your designation between test-optional and test-inclusive, and you have not yet received a decision on your application, you may utilize the petition process to make this request. The petition form is located in your application status portal

I want to apply Early Action, but my test score will not be available until after November 2. Should I apply test-optional?

While our Early Action deadline is November 1, we do allow 3-5 days for all items to be received. However, applicants who are awaiting materials are not denied. If you apply Early Action and remain incomplete, we will simply change your application to Regular Decision. You may still receive an earlier decision, it just may not be by December 1.

Frequently Asked Questions — Other items

Will I still be eligible for merit scholarships if I do not submit scores?

Yes. Test-optional applicants are eligible for review for merit scholarships without any disadvantage. Apply by the Early Action deadline for priority consideration for scholarships. See prioritydate.uic.edu for scholarship criteria. 

Will I be able to be considered for UIC’s special programs like the Guaranteed Professional Programs Admissions initiative (GPPA), Honors College?

Yes. Applicants to the Honors College and the Guaranteed Professional Programs Admissions initiative (GPPA) will be considered without a test score. Your review will not be at a disadvantage by selecting test-optional. 

If I am international or home schooled, can I still choose test optional review?

Yes. All first-year applicants will have the option to choose a test-optional review.  

Please note, some international applicants may still be required to demonstrate English proficiency through other tests. See international requirements for details. 

What if I am denied? Can I change my review option and try again?

See our Denied Students FAQ for details on options after a denial decision.