Centralized Application Service Overview

A number of programs at UIC utilize centralized application services (CAS) as their primary application.

These services enable applicants to designate multiple institutions using a single set of application materials instead of applying and submitting materials to each institution separately. They apply mainly to programs in the health professions at this time. 

Information covering basic Admissions policy for these applications is below. Note that all policies may not be applied for Professional level programs. Inquiries concerning CAS procedures should be directed to the program directly.

Breakdown of Programs by Department and CAS association
Deparment Program(s) CAS  Student Level
Department of Occupational Therapy MS OT OTCAS Graduate
Department of Physical Therapy DPT PTCAS Professional
College of Dentistry DMD AADSAS Professional
College of Pharmacy PharmD PharmCAS Professional
School of Public Health MS, MPH, MHA, PhD, DrPH SOPHAS/HAMPCAS Graduate

The programs noted below require the submission of the applicable CAS as part of the application process. These programs also require the submission of a supplemental institutional application and fee.


Included in an applicant's record, the CAS provides a verified list of US coursework with grades and confirms degree awards. When obtained from the CAS, these are accepted as official credentials. Graduate applicants would only need to submit official paper transcripts directly to UIC if they have been admitted pending the completion of their Bachelor's degree program prior to the start of the admission term. If CAS-provided documentation is insufficient, Admissions may request the upload of acceptable credentials prior to admission.

If the CAS does not accept and include copies of international credentials, these will be requested to be uploaded through the application checklist after the CAS record reaches its final stage (Verified or Mailed). CAS services do not often verify foreign coursework due to the varying systems of foreign study. If copies of institution-issued credentials are included with third-party evaluations (such as WES) provided to the CAS, the institution-issued credentials included in the evaluation will be used for application review within Admissions. 

English Proficiency Scores

English proficiency test scores must be reported to UIC directly. Refer to the English proficiency requirements for appropriate submission directions. Test scores reported to the CAS services will not be used in place of scores officially reported directly to UIC.

Application Fee and Waivers

Fees submitted to a CAS are charged by the CAS for the use of its services and are not shared with participating institutions.

UIC requires the submission of an application fee or selection of a qualifying waiver in order to submit the supplemental institutional application. Please note that waivers offered by the CAS do not apply to the institutional application fee and waivers offered by UIC may not apply to CAS fees.

See our Application Fee Waivers page for complete details.

Program Application Review

Programs review these applications independently of the Office of Admissions. In most cases, applications for these programs will likely have already begun being reviewed within the program before the Office of Admissions obtains the finalized CAS record. At times, the program may reach an admission decision before all Admissions-required items have been received if they feel they have enough information to offer admission. Requested Admissions items not included in the CAS record will need to be received before institutional application records can be updated with a final admission decision.

Application Status

Applicants to these programs should monitor the applicable CAS portal as programs use those for updates based on their own review. Applicants may also check their status through the institutional "supplemental" application system to see if a final decision has been applied or Admissions-required documents are being requested.

International applicants will need to use the institutional application system to submit OIS-requested documents for visa processing after admission.

Use of CAS Records for Other UIC Applications

Please note that CAS application records are valid only for approved programs within the specific department for which it is required. Applicants who may also be applying to non-CAS programs for the same term must follow the appropriate application materials submission procedures for those programs.