Application Fee Waiver Overview

All institutional graduate and professional applications require submission of the nonrefundable application fee or selection of an applicable waiver in order to submit the application.

Please see the applicable waivers below. Waivers based on UI enrollment or employment are verified by Admissions staff. Proof of other waivers (Illinois Veteran’s Grant award letter, McNair letter, etc.) is requested after submission of the application.

  • Unfortunately, financial hardship waivers for graduate and professional applications are not granted.
  • Payment of application fees cannot be deferred.
  • Waivers do not apply between graduate and professional level programs.
  • Fee waivers offered by third party centralized application services do not apply to the institutional/supplemental application fee, and waivers offered by UIC may not apply to CAS fees. 

Graduate Level Waivers

  • Already submitted a graduate level application fee for the term
  • Previous Graduate degree-seeking enrollment at UIC
  • Current or previous graduate non-degree enrollment at UIC
  • Current Graduate degree-seeking enrollment at UIUC or UIS
  • UIC Free App
  • Illinois Veteran's Grant recipient
  • Ronald E. McNair program
  • Current University of Illinois employee (with at least 50% appointment)

Professional Level* Waivers

Professional level programs are listed on our Programs Page.

  • Previous Professional level enrollment at UIC
  • Current Professional level enrollment at UIUC or UIS
  • Illinois Veteran's Grant recipient
  • Current University of Illinois employee (with at least 50% appointment)