Congratulations on being admitted to UIC!

We’re excited to have you join the UIC community. We hope the information below helps you with your next steps.

Please also be sure to follow any newly admitted student guidelines provided to you by the program.

Intent to Enroll

The intent to enroll and matriculation process can vary by program, so it is very important to heed any instructions provided to you by the department.

Most applicants admitted to a graduate level degree program are able to declare their intent to enroll (to accept or decline the offer of admission) from the application status page. Some programs require an enrollment deposit as part of the intent to enroll process. Please refer to the department directly if you have any questions about enrollment deposits.

Activate your my.UIC account

my.UIC.edu is UIC's student portal, designed to assist admitted students through the initial enrollment process.

Be ready with the following 2 pieces of information in order to activate your portal account:

  • University ID Number (UIN)
    • This 9-digit number is noted on email correspondence from the Office of Admissions. It is also noted on the application status page.
  • Token
    • Tokens are sent to all newly admitted students via an email sent within two days of the initial decision notification. The token is also available within the decision update on the application status page.

After activating your portal account, access the UIC Connect tab in the portal to get started.

I'm ready to activate my account

The Admit Letter

Admit letters are sent by mail and available online.

All official admit letters from the Office of Admissions are mailed out via postal mail to the mailing address on record with the university. They are typically mailed out within 5 business days of the decision posting to the application by the Office of Admissions. Mailed letters may take some additional time to reach international addresses.

Admit letters are also available online in PDF format via your application status page.

Students admitted to the Doctor of Physical Therapy and School of Law programs will receive official notification of admission directly from the program.

Visa Processing Documents (International Students)

If you're an International student who will need a student visa, submit the OIS Financial Documents.

Financial documents for visa processing must be submitted online through the application checklist for the Office of International Services. You can easily access the application checklist via the Status Check page

Contact the Office of International Services with inquiries concerning the requests at (312) 996-3121 or by emailing newintl@uic.edu.

Official/Final Credentials

Official/final credentials are needed for your permanent file.

Most degree-seeking students will be admitted conditionally, based on unofficial (scanned) credentials or an in-progress degree program. The decision posted to your application online and the admission letter will indicate if you have been admitted conditionally. (See the next section below for additional details on what conditional admission entails.)

Official credentials should be sent to the following address prior to the start of the admission term, but you may alternatively submit the credentials in person at the Office of Admissions in the Student Services Building (SSB) when you arrive on campus at the beginning of your admission term, as long as they remain sealed.  Pending credential conditions must be cleared during your first week of enrollment. 

Attn: Official/Final Credentials
Office of Graduate and Professional Admissions, MC 018
University of Illinois Chicago
1200 West Harrison Street, Suite 1130
Chicago, Illinois 60607-7161

Admitted students can see the official/final credentials being requested on their application status page. Reminders noting the required credentials will also be periodically sent via email.

International students may find our criteria for official credentials, including attestation guidelines, on our International Requirements page.

Admission Decisions

If you're not sure what your admission decision means, please see below. 


A decision of Admit is a full standing admission. 

Conditional Admit

Conditional admission means that you were admitted with full standing, but still need to submit final, official academic credentials since the admission decision was made based upon unofficial credentials or while your prior degree program was still in progress. The application checklist and university admission letter will both indicate the official credentials that you will need to submit.

Conditionally admitted students can enroll and study during their first term at UIC, but will not be able to register for their second term until the requested official credentials are receivedOfficial credentials are due during your first week of enrollment. A registration hold is placed on the student record which takes effect after the registration period of the first term. We recommend that all students clear their pending conditions by submitting the required credentials after being admitted, when they arrive on campus, or shortly therafter. Admissions holds will not be released until the required documentation is submitted to the Office of Admissions.

International students: Please see the guidelines for official credentials at the bottom of the International Requirements page. Please also note that conditional admission does not impact visa processing by the Office of International Services.

Admit - Limited Status

An admission with limited status means that you were admitted to the university with the approval of the program (and Graduate College) in a probationary status due to certain deficiencies in your application (i.e., low GPA, missing pre-requisite coursework, etc.).

Students admitted with limited status must meet certain criteria within their first term or year in order to remain in the program. The specific details concerning the conditions of limited status admission are communicated to students by the program directly.

Conditional Admit - Limited Status

Conditionally admitted students with limited status are those that have been admitted with limited status and must also submit final, official credentials. Please see the two previous sections for details. 

Admit - Clear

Conditionally admitted students will receive an Admit - Clear decision after acceptable final, official credentials are received. An email notification is sent to confirm that the pending credential requirements have been satisfied. The hold placed by the Office of Admissions will also be removed at this time.

The Admit - Clear decision status pertains only to credential requirements for the Office of Admissions and does not pertain to limited status conditions.

Deferring Admission

Admitted graduate and professional degree-seeking students may defer admission.

Admission can be deferred only once for up to one academic year for students unable to enroll in their initial term of admission. Deferral requests are subject to approval by the program and Office of Admissions. Non-degree admission cannot be deferred.

Start by notifying your program that you would like to defer. Programs must approve deferrals first. They will then forward the request to the Office of Admissions for final approval. If approved, a new admission record will be created for the deferral term and a new admission letter will be sent out.

International students in need of a visa who would like to defer that have already submitted financial documents should also contact the Office of International Services to determine if new financial documents will need to be submitted.

Additional Resources

Financial aid

To be considered for U.S. Federal Aid, complete the Free Application for Federal Student Aid (FAFSA). Please note the FAFSA priority deadline is March 1st. International and Nondegree and campus certificate students do not qualify for Federal Aid.

Assistantships and other departmental aid is determined by the departments. Contact the department directly for inquiries about departmental aid.

Campus housing

If you would like to live on campus, it is important to apply early. Please use the online campus housing application.

Housing options for Graduate students are available.

Medical immunization forms

Students planning to live in on-campus housing will need to complete the On-Campus Housing Medical Immunization Form.

Resolving Student Holds

Holds impacting registration may be placed on the records of new students for various reasons. 

We've compiled the information below to help newly admitted and continuing students determine who to contact for help. Unfortunately, the Office of Admissions cannot resolve all holds that a student may have. Students can see holds affecting them through Student Self-Service, in the Student Records and Transcripts section, under the Registration tab.

Holds affecting registration for a student's first term at UIC:

  • International students have a SEVIS hold placed on their record at the time of admission. Check in with the Office of International Services when you arrive on campus to clear this hold. 
  • Most departments place an Advising hold on newly admitted students. Please follow up with your program directly to clear this hold. 
  • UIC undergraduates who have submitted an Intent to Graduate may have a Pending Graduation Registration hold placed on their record by the Office of the Registrar so that they don't continue to register under their undergraduate program after obtaining the Bachelor's degree. Please follow up with the Office of the Registrar to clear this hold.

Holds affecting registration for a student's second term and later:

  • Conditionally admitted students have an Admissions hold placed on their records which takes effect after the registration period for the student's first term at UIC. Submit the requested final/official credentials to the Office of Admissions to clear the hold.
  • An Immunizations hold may be placed on a student's record if they live in On-Campus housing and required Immunizations forms have not been received.

Holds placed by UIUC and UIS may also affect students at UIC.

If you're not sure how to get a hold resolved, please Contact Us and we'll point you in the right direction.

Advising and Registration

Academic advising and adviser assignments are handled by the academic program. Please contact your graduate program staff support for information about course registration and with any questions you may have. 

Please also visit the Office of the Registrar for help with registration.