Graduate Non-Degree Overview

Are you interested in taking courses for personal, professional or academic enrichment without enrolling in a degree program? 

Are  you a newly graduated student needing to finish up some pre-requisites before applying for a degree program? A professional thinking about switching fields? Do you just want to enroll in a few courses to learn a new language? Non-degree study may be right for you.

Graduate non-degree study is open to individuals who have already obtained at least a baccalaureate degree (or its equivalent), or will have obtained the degree prior to the start of the admission term.

UIC has two categories of non-degree study:

  • General, Unassigned Non-degree
    • The application and admission is managed entirely by the Office of Admissions.
    • Students would not be able to enroll in restricted courses without obtaining permission from the course instructor or department.
  • Departmental, Major-specific Non-degree
    • We recommend that you contact the department first to see if they offer non-degree study and whether it would be appropriate in your case.
    • The application will need to be considered for admission by the department.
    • The department may have additional requirements.
    • May allow registration in restricted courses (confirm with the department).


Non-Degree Application Deadlines

Please note the following deadlines for submission of non-degree applications for each term:

Non-Degree Application Deadlines* by Term
Term Date
Spring November 15
Summer April 15
Fall August 1

Non-degree applications for specified terms will be unavailable once the deadline passes. Application materials for applications already submitted will still be accepted after the application deadline.

*Some departmental non-degree programs may have earlier application deadlines or may only be offered for certain terms. Please check in with the department prior to applying.

Applying & Requirements



Most graduate non-degree applications only require the online submission of a proof of degree.

  • Proof of degree should be a PDF copy of a either a degree certificate/diploma or a transcript on which the award of a degree is indicated.
    • If the degree is still in progress and will be completed prior to the admission term, a transcript should be submitted. Proof of degree will then be requested after admission.
    • Note that copies of web-academic histories obtained from student portals are not acceptable.
    • International degrees issued in a non-English language should be accompanied by a certified translation.
      • Additional credentials may be requested, if necessary, to confirm degree equivalency.

Departmental non-degree applications may require additional documentation. Contact the department for additional information concerning their requirements.

If all prior coursework was done abroad, English proficiency requirements may apply.


Non-Degree Eligibility for International Students

International applicants who would need a student visa in order to enroll at UIC are not eligible for non-degree study.

Applicants who are in the US on a visa such as the H1B or H4 are eligible for non-degree study. Contact us if you're not sure whether your visa status would allow for non-degree study


Other Important Non-Degree Information

  • Graduate Non-degree students may register for courses at all levels, however, some courses are restricted to students within a specific program or department.
    • Contact the course instructor or department for approval. Approval decisions lie at the discretion of the instructor or department.
  • Non-degree students are eligible to begin registering during the Open Registration period, after the priority registration periods for degree-seeking students.
  • Course availability cannot be guaranteed.
  • Students who do not enroll for their term of admission will need to apply for admission again for a later term. Non-degree admission cannot be deferred.
  • Tuition is assessed at the Graduate Base Rate. Differentials may apply for departmental non-degree students if the major associated with the departmental non-degree program assesses a differential.
  • Admission as a non-degree student does not entitle a student to admission in a degree program at a later date. Non-degree students must apply for consideration of admission to a degree program.
    • No more than 12 credit hours earned as a Graduate Non-degree student can be transferred into a degree program at UIC.
  • Non-degree students do not qualify for financial aid.
  • Non-degree students are not assigned an academic advisor.
    • Departmental non-degree students may inquire within the department for advising options.