Tuition & Fees Overview

For On-Campus programs, tuition and fees are assessed each term per Range of credit hours for which a student is registered. A student's residency status is also taken into account and determines whether tuition will be assessed at the In State or Out of State rate.

For Online programs, tuition and fees are assessed per credit hour each term. Residency status is not taken into account for Online program tuition assessment.

Detailed tuition and fee information is housed on the Registrar's site:

Access Tuition and Fee pages


  • Graduate tuition and fee rates also apply to graduate non-degree students. Differentials apply for departmental non-degree students if the associated major has a differential.
  • As tuition is assessed based on actual enrollment in each term, the Office of Admissions is not able to provide term, yearly, or entire program tuition estimates, though you may calculate estimates based on your projected enrollment using the tuition and fee information on the Registrar's website, along with the graduation requirements for your intended program.
  • The On-Campus/Online designation pertains to the program in which the student is enrolled. A student enrolled in an On-Campus program who has enrolled in an online course would still be assessed tuition and fees as applicable for the On-Campus program.