Residency Overview

A student's Illinois state residency status determines whether they will be assessed tuition at the In-State or Out-of-State rate.

Residency status is initially determined within the Office of Admissions based upon the information an applicant provides within an application, in accordance with University of Illinois residency regulations. Applicants categorized as Out-of-State are notified of their non-resident status within the admission letter. Residency status for admitted students can also be seen in UIC Connect within the my.UIC portal

Complete details regarding residency may be found within the residency regulations at the following website:
Information about In-State and Out-of-State residency

Petitioning for a Change in Residency Status

Admitted or continuing students who believe they were incorrectly categorized as Out-of-State or who believe they now qualify for an In-State tuition assessment must submit a Petition for Determination of Residency Status along with documentation supporting their claim. A list of suggested documents to submit with the petition is included on the first page of the petition. These residency petitions are reviewed within the Office of the Registrar. Please be mindful that strict deadlines do apply for receipt of petitions for each term. Admitted or continuing students should contact the Office of the Registrar with regard to residency guidelines or petitioning for a change in residency status.

Prospective applicants may contact us within the Office of Admissions to inquire about residency guidelines.