Application Deadline 1/15/18
All First-Year & some transfer programs (Nursing & Nutrition)


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Upcoming Deadlines

Applications and all supporting documents must be postmarked by the following dates.

Fall Semester 2018 Deadlines

Deadline Dates by Application Type
Application Type Deadline
First Year - Regular Decision January 15, 2018 --- (Submit a petition for a late application.)
First Year - Early Action November 1, 2017
Transfer (on-campus programs2 April 2, 2018
Transfer - Nursing and Nutrition January 15, 2018
GPPA - Medicine December 1, 2017
GPPA (Except Medicine) January 15, 2018
Honors College3 - First Year January 15, 2018 (Priority) & March 1, 2018 (Final)
Honors College3 - Transfer July 1, 2018
Scholarship Priority - First Year 4 December 1, 2017



1 Not all transfer programs are open for the Spring term. See the transfer guide for specific details on your intended major. 

2 ReadmissionSecond Bachelor's Degree and Nondegree applicants share the same deadlines as Transfer applicants. Online program deadlines may differ; please consult the program’s website for more information.

3 Honors College: Students who are interested in applying to the Honors College must first apply to UIC as an undergraduate. See Honors College for more information.

4 Scholarship Priority:  First-year applicants who apply by the Scholarship Priority deadline are likely to receive the fullest consideration for scholarships as part of the application review process. Please note, the deadline is a recommendation, and applicants who apply after the deadline may still be considered for scholarships. 

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