What type of applicant are you?

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First Year

Current high school students (including those with college credit) or high school graduates who have not attended a college/university.


  • Spring 2020 First Year - Oct 1, 2019

    Submit a petition for late application.

  • Fall 2020 First Year Early Action - Nov 1, 2019
  • Fall 2020 First Year Regular - Jan 15, 2020
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Students who have earned college credit since graduating from high school.


  • Spring 2020 Transfer - Oct 15, 2019

    Submit a petition for a late application.

  • Fall 2020 Transfer Nursing/Nutrition - Jan 15, 2020
  • Fall 2020 Transfer Regular - Apr 1, 2020
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Students who have studied at a foreign secondary school or university or require a visa to study in the U.S.

Same as First Year or Transfer

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Former degree-seeking undergraduate students returning after two or more terms away from the university.

Same as Transfer

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Second Bachelor's Degree

Applicants who have already earned a bachelor’s degree and want to pursue a second degree in a different field.

Same as Transfer

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Applicants wishing to take UIC courses without working towards a UIC degree.

Same as Transfer