Application Requirements

Applicants returning to UIC, welcome back!

To apply for readmission, the following requirements must be met: 

  • UIC web application (an application fee is not required).
  • Official college transcripts1 from all colleges/universities attended since last attending UIC or not previously added to academic record.
  • Letter of petition submitted with the application.
    • Former UIC students who left the University on academic dismissal status or on probation, regardless of whether they have attended another collegiate institution in the interval, must submit a petition with an application when they apply for readmission. Admission is granted upon approval of the dean of the college concerned. 
    • Former UIC students who left the University on clear status, but have attended another collegiate institution where they have earned a scholastic average below 2.00/4.00, may be readmitted to the University only with a petition approved by the dean of the college concerned
    • A former UIC student who was dismissed for disciplinary reasons must submit a petition to the Office of Admissions, which will then be forwarded to the appropriate committee. 
    • Students who do not fit the above criteria may submit a personal statement in place of the petition or bypass the question by entering “N/A” on their web application. 

1The Office of Admissions keeps the records of students who were admitted and registered for classes for ten years. If it has been longer than ten years since you were registered for classes you may need to re-submit academic credentials. Admissions staff will add your previous credentials to your new application if available or request updated transcripts if needed.