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We know what an important role you have in guiding students through big decisions about college. We hope this page will better enable you to assist your students that are considering UIC for their education.

If you have additional questions, please contact us  or call (312) 996-4350 and let us know how we can help. 

2016 Admission Updates

    UIC's application fee will be rising from $50 to $60 beginning in fall 2017 for all undergraduate applicants.
    UIC's application will now allow applicants to select second and third choice majors.
    First-year applicants with Illinois residency, in the top 4 percent of their class and at accredited high schools with more than 25 students, or an unweighted GPA of 3.9 or higher at schools that do not rank, will be automatically admitted to the academic college of their choice. This does not include GPPA or Honors College.

More updates can be found in our Counselor Update 2016 brochure. 

UIC Admissions reports for Illinois high school counselors

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UIC Codes: 

  • ACT college code: 1155
  • SAT college code: 1851
  • FAFSA code: 001776
  • TOEFL code: 1851
  • Advance Placement code: 1851

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Counselor FAQs

How to I access the online School Forms?

Counselors interested in using the online School Forms should provide their students with a valid email address through which they can receive an invitation and notifications regarding the School Forms. If an applicant chooses not to provide a counselor’s email address when they assign the School Forms, then they are considered to have opted out of the electronic submission method and instructed to turn in hard copies of the forms to their counselor for submission.

Is assigning the School Forms required by the applicant? When are the School Forms assigned?

Yes, applicants must assign the School Forms in order to complete and submit their Common Application. Applicants must have completed the “Education” section of the Common Application before they can authorize the release of and assign the School Forms.

Is the School Report required?

Yes, the School Report form is a required component of the Common Application. However, UIC does not require you to submit a full, personalized recommendation letter for each of your students and will not make an application incomplete if the School Report is not received.

Do I need to write a letter of recommendation for every student?

No, you may select either of the "opt-out" options rather than writing an individual recommendation for every student. Applicants will not be penalized if their counselor is unable or chooses not to supply a recommendation. Counselor recommendations, just like personal statements, are often beneficial during our review process but they can never hurt an applicant's chances of admission.

If neither of the "opt-out" options accurately describes by relationship with my student, how should I proceed?

UIC understands that counselors may be uncomfortable selecting either of the "opt-out" options on the School Report. We are unfortunately unable to change any of the language on the Common Application. We would like to emphasize that applicants will not be penalized either way. General recommendations, even if written and submitted to another university, are perfectly acceptable.

Are general letters of recommendation acceptable?

Yes, UIC and all other Common Application schools are willing to accept general recommendation letters that may have been written or submitted to other institutions. The review committee will not hold it against an applicant if their recommendation addresses another institution or does not specifically address the applicant’s interest in UIC.

Will not submitting a recommendation have a negative impact on an application?

No, UIC has not required letters of recommendation in the past and will not require them as we switch to the Common Application. Students will not be penalized in any way if recommendation letters are not submitted. Letters of recommendation will continue to be used as a positive consideration but if not submitted, will not negatively affect a student's chances of being admitted.

How can transcripts be submitted?

Electronic submission is preferred, either attached to the Common Application School Report or through a separate submission service such as Docufide or E-Script.

How can a fee waiver be requested?

UIC will accept either the NACAC or CollegeBoard fee waiver request forms for First Year applications. Both forms must be signed and submitted by the high school counselor. The NACAC form can be submitted electronically through the Common Application School Forms as long as the applicant supplied their counselor’s email address when assigning the School Forms. Those applicants who opted out of the electronic School Forms process are instructed by the Common Application to supply a paper copy of the waiver request to their counselor for submission.

How can I check the status of an application for one of my students?

The School Forms system shows basic status information for each of your students, including the type of application and date of submission. Counselors are also invited to contact the Office of Admissions at (312) 996-4350 to discuss missing credentials, issues with the application, or to check the status of an application. We encourage applicants to call our office themselves to discuss specific decisions or to edit personal information from the application.